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Nooksack Salmon Enhancement Association

Featured Project: Monitoring - Plants, Fish, Temperature, and Habitat
RFEG: Nooksack Salmon Enhancement Association

NSEA monitors the survival of our trees and shrubs at our planting sites, fish presence at instream project sites, temperature at select sites, and complete habitat assessments at instream habitat sites.

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Skagit Fisheries Enhancement Group

Featured Project:  Skagit Forks Wetland Reconnection
RFEG: Skagit Fisheries Enhancement Group

This important Chinook recovery project reconnects the outlet of Britt Slough through a large wetland complex to the South Fork of the Skagit River restoring access to critical off-channel habitat for Skagit Chinook salmon.

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North Olympic Salmon Coalition

Featured Project:  River's Edge Revegetation Project
RFEG: North Olympic Salmon Coalition

NOSC is partnering with the Jamestown S'Klallam Tribe,Clallam Conservation District, and Washington Conservation Corps to restore approximately 56-acres of riparian habitat in the Dungeness River floodplain.

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Pacific Coast Salmon Coalition

Featured Project: Kugel Creek Culvert Replacement Project
RFEG: Pacific Coast Salmon Coalition

Kugel Creek Culvert Replacement Project opened up several miles of high quality spawning and rearing habitat for coho salmon, provided a safer crossing for users of the Olympic Discovery Trail, and provided firewood for local tribal members.

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Hood Canal Salmon Enhancement Group

Featured Project:  Salmon in Schools
RFEG: Hood Canal Salmon Enhancement Group

HCSEG partnered with 14 other organization to bring Salmon in the Schools programs to elementary schools designated as high-poverty in Washington State.

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Chehalis Basin Fisheries Task Force

Featured Project: Middle Fork Wildcat Creek Fish Passage Barrier Correction Project
RFEG: Chehalis Basin Fisheries Task Force

This project will construct 3 fish passage barrier corrections on Middle Fork Wildcat Creek north of McCleary, Washington. This will open access to 4.08 miles of spawning habitat.

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Willapa Bay Regional Fisheries Enhancement Group

Featured Project: Restoring Fry to Willapa Bay Streams
RFEG: Willapa Bay

Willapa Bay volunteers are working to restore chum salmon to many of the northern Willapa Bay streams through the use of Remote Site Incubators.

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Lower Columbia Fish Enhancement Group

Featured Project: Camp Coweeman Restoration
RFEG: Lower Columbia Fish Enhancement Group

LCFEG is restoring a river degraded by historic logging practices to improve habitat for salmon and steelhead.

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South Puget Sound Salmon Enhancement Group

Featured Project: Prairie Creek Floodplain Restoration
RFEG: South Puget Sound Salmon Enhancement Group

Building on past work on Prairie Creek, a new project is being designed that will restore floodplain corridor stretching 2.3 miles across more than 300 acres.

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Mid Sound Fisheries Enhancement Group

Featured Project: Auburn Parks Community Engagement
RFEG: Mid Sound Fisheries Enhancement Group

Mid Sound is partnering with the City of Auburn to restore streamside areas in local parks, with the help of over 253 volunteers and 63 school kids.

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Mid Columbia Fisheries Enhancement Group

Featured Project: Ellensburg Adopt-a-Stream
RFEG: Mid Columbia Fisheries Enhancement Group

Eleven community groups have adopted more than 5 miles of urban streams with an ongoing commitment to improve habitat, monitor stream health, and remove trash. MCF coordinates the program.

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Sound Salmon Solutions

Featured Project: Salish Scientists Summer Camp
RFEG: Sound Salmon Solutions

Salish Scientists is an outdoor summer day camp developed by Sound Salmon Solutions and held at our Hatchery to teach campers about wetland, salmon, and watershed stewardship.

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Cascade Fisheries

Featured Project: Merritt Oxbow Project on Nason Creek
RFEG: Cascade Fisheries

The Merritt Oxbow Project raised Nason Creek 3 feet, dug a 900-foot channel to reconnect old oxbow ponds, and installed wood to create rearing habitat for fish.

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Tri State Steelheaders

Featured Project: Mill Creek Fish Passage Project
RFEG: Tri State Steelheaders

The Mill Creek Fish Passage Project is creating fish passage for a flood control project built by the Corps of Engineers.

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